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To improve farm productivity, and to improve effectiveness of resources, mechanization of agricultural equipment has played a major role. There is need to accelerate development of equipment which makes and enhances productivity. “Development of Irrigation Scheduler-Programmable System” which is jointly handled by IARI, Pusa New Delhi, MERADO Ludhiana and C-DAC Mohali. The electronic part of the Irrigation Scheduler is being developed by ACSD, C-DAC Mohali.

Irrigation scheduling consists of applying the right amount of water to the crop at the right time. Farmers can use many criterias for irrigation scheduling e.g. (i) intuition, (ii) calendar days since the last rainfall, (iii) crop evapo-transpiration, and (iv) soil water. One of the most important components of an irrigation system is the irrigation controller. The controller turns the automated irrigation system on and off at the time slots selected by the user. The properly scheduled controller results in significant water saving and lower water bills. Automatic solenoid valves, which control the flow of water to different parts of the field, open and close upon a signal from the controller. Once programmed, the controller determines when, how often, and how long each valve should open/close.

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Designed System and its testing in the field

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